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Taiwan Cancer Friends New Life Association was invited by the WHO/WFMH to perform at The 2004 3rd World Conference on The Promotion of Mental Health and Prevention of Mental and Behavioural Disorders in Auckland, New Zealand. The Taiwan Cancer Friends New Life Association was recognized as the health groups in the world.   

New Life Association was proud to present the only event on the day of the conference -- The Intuitive Dance.  The Intuitive Dance was organized by 80 cancer patients and volunteers of the Taiwan Cancer Friends New Life Association. Led by Professor Chang of the University of Taipei, the dance was performed during the 3rd International Conference of WFMH, on September 16 at 12:30pm, New Zealand time. New Life Association received accolades and an award of recognition from President Pratt Patt Franciosi of WFMH.

Representatives of various branches of the WFMH from all over the world attended the conference. With tears in their eyes, the audience was greatly touched and amazed by the performance. Many expressed their respect towards the cancer patients and gratitude towards their arrival. The performance showed them a whole new perspective of life, one full of passion, and hope.

New Life Association was recognized as one of the 60 healthiest groups in the world. At the peak of the conference, the association was invited to perform the Intuitive Dance, a story of life, expressed through a combination of dance and song-singing. Members of the performing group were thrilled and delighted to be given the opportunity, to find themselves on stage, and to spread the love of Taiwan to their foreign friends. Apart from demonstrating the power of life, the members also did an excellent job in building friendships with people from all over the world.




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