The Expression of New Life through Dance   



The performance of the "Intuitive Dances" in 2003 in the American cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco as reported by "TAIWAN NEWS" was a performance expressing real emotions and the joyful rebirth of life. As the show timeline conveys the feeling of each dancer had as they passed by the gates of death. Through the use of the vitality of dance, a time fills one with life with enthusiasm and love. The dancer goes on stage unrehearsed, as seen with the group premiere on Octobers 10, 2000 at the Sun Yet-Sem Memorial hall. With the use of all of their bodily extremity and flexibility, they sway to the natural rhythm of the music. Although some of the dancers movements were slowed and strained, but from the glowing faces it was apparent that this was a most touching performance for them all. The Intuitive Dancers in their performance made excitement as they passed by the proverbial gates of death, they acted out their joyful rebirth of life how it has completely taken over their bodies and they radiate their love to all. As stated before, this is no usual choreograph performance of dance routines, the performance was truly from the hearts and minds of the performers. This was very apparent of the Memorial Halls audiences, judging from the warm applause and the tears that filled the eyes.




Many of the medias that has covered the performances of the Intuitive dancers on June 1, 2003 in Taichung

and again in Kaohsiung on June 7, 2003, has wrote that it's a extremely positive educational experience,

its significance for the quality of life for everyone to attend one of these performances. From the feelings

expressed by the "Taiwan Cancer Friends New Life Association", its a team effort to make one feel

at ease, that this is a time of rebirth of your body, mind, and spirt, to rid yourself of the bitter feelings from Cancer,

and bring new Vitality and Life Hope to you and your loved ones around you.


The Taiwan Cancer Friends New Life Association was founded on a vision of love; the premise is that the psychological and physical aspects of Cancer and

other illnesses are inter-related. The principal aim of the program is to inspire and empower the individual to use their mind, spirit and emotions to overcome

the negative mind-set that may have originally caused or continues to promote the illness. The intended outcome is that the individual will change their attitude,

see themselves as being well, become happy and allow the body and/or mind to heal itself. The purpose is to encourage all members, love ones and the ever

increasing new friends to have a positive and optimistic attitude toward life; arouse internal perception, ignite faith in the internal power of self-healing, and

affirm self-esteem. The group aspiration is to achieve as high a cure rate as possible. The Taiwan Cancer Friends New Life Association aspires to send

out its love, it's their conviction that by paying attention to ones mental health by focusing on expressing love, compassion, and positive thinking it will

result in greater mental and physical health for all persons involved.