A brief introduction of Taiwan Cancer Friends New Life Association   

We would like to give you a brief introduction about the history of Taiwan Cancer Friends New Life Association.

In the beginning, there were a few people accompanying three severe cancer friends to practice spinning meditation and tried to reduce their pain and gave their family to release some burden for taking care of the patients. Due to cancer patients couldnˇ¦t eat lunch box from outside, so we began to use a small gas burner to cook noodles, vegetables and rice for them. It was based on a good intention to help friends, nobody had concerned about the money. Within a month, all three cancer patients had improved in both physical and mental conditions. They felt more vigorous and cheerful. The words were spread out and more cancer patients came to join us. Nobody had ever imagined that from the very beginning till now, we voluntarily took care of the cancer patients and other chronic disease patients like melancholia, insomnia, high blood pressure and Parkinsonˇ¦s disease etc. for over 6,000 people. Right now we take care over 100 cancer and other chronic disease patients everyday and have arranged all kinds of classes and activities for them in our centers.

In year 2000, we established ˇ§Taiwan Cancer Friends New Life Associationˇ¨. Since then, we hold primary training class for spinal curling exercise, spinning meditation, universal loving hands and other mind-body-spiritual transformation classes every month. From Monday through Friday, there are over 100 cancer and other chronic disease patients come to our centers seeking for help and finding ways to improve their physical and mental health. Many cancer patients joined us and became volunteers because they wanted to share their healing and life change experience to the newcomers and spread the love and care that they had received from other fellow brothers and sisters. From teaching spinal curling, spinning meditation, mind-body-spiritual classes to personal and group counseling, hospital accompanying etc., our association is helping cancer friends to face and cope their lives with love and positive attitude.

Based on our belief to life, we have accomplished a lot of impossible missions and created many miracles. Originally we just wanted to bring cancer friends to go outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature. In September of 2002, we brought a group of cancer friends to climb the Peak of Jade Mountain ˇV the highest mountain in Taiwan. We had set the record of mountain climbing history in Taiwan. The National Park of Jade Mountain Bureau issued their first certificate of group mountain climbing to recognize our outstanding performance and the spirit of persistence to go beyond the obstacles of life. Again in 2006, we brought cancer friends to climb Fuji Mountain in Japan.

Cancer friends use their lives to write stories had aroused a lot of echoes in public. Through professor Jang-Jiueˇ¦s (Public Health Graduate School of Taiwan University) recommendation to ˇuWorld Federation for Mental Healthˇv, our association was recognized in 2004 as one of the sixty health groups in the world. In September of 2004, our association brought a group of cancer friends to attend the annual conference of World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) in New Zealand and delivered a speech to all the doctors and scholars in the conference. We shared our objective, spirit and core concepts and explained the importance of body, mind and spiritual practices and its close relation with mental health. In 2005, we attended the annual conference of WFMH in Egypt again and made a good and deep impression to all the scholars and members from all over the world.

Our association hold a lot of different body-mind-spiritual classes and activities including health speech, individual and group counseling, studying group, Yoga, Tai-Chi, flower arrangement, cake making, physical training, percussion instrument, laughing and dancing class and self-growth class etc. in order for cancer friends to expand and enjoy different life style, so they can face their life adversity without fear and find themselves a healthy, relaxed, joyful and comfortable new life.