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Two-Day Weekend Course

Every third weekend of the month

February 23rd & 24th           8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

at Banciao classroom
call 02-2956-5696 to register


"Passing Through Cancer.  Finding Love." Spinning Performance. November 11th at NTNU National Taiwan Normal University, gymnasium.  Establishing the Guinness World Records.


Our Activities
 A Journey Towards International Recognition
A Journey Towards International Recognition Taiwan Cancer Friends New Life Association was invited by the WHO/WFMH to perform at The 2004 3rd World Conference on The Promotion of Mental Health and Prevention of Mental and Behavioural Disorders in Auckland New Zealand. Representatives of various branches of the WFMH from all over the world attended the conference
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Open the infinite energy inside
The beginning ceremony of Spinning Meditation

Spinning Meditation is a practice for us to unify our body, mind and spirituality as a whole. We go through our body (physical strength), mind (dedication) and get into our spiritual inside. So, to practice Spinning Meditation is not only training our body and mind but also opening the infinite energy inside. The feeling of connecting ourselves with all the beings in the whole universe is the spiritual status that we all have inside and it is the objective and direction of our practice.
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A brief introduction of Taiwan Cancer Friends New Life Association
New Life Center We would like to give you a brief introduction about the history of Cancer Friends New Life Association.

In the beginning, there were a few people accompanying three severe cancer friends to practice spinning meditation and tried to reduce their pain and gave their family to release some burden for taking care of the patients. Due to cancer patients couldn’t eat lunch box from outside, so we began to use a small gas burner to cook noodles, vegetables and rice for them. It was based on a good intention to help friends, nobody had concerned about the money. Within a month, all three cancer patients had improved in both physical and mental conditions. They felt more vigorous and cheerful. The words were spread out and more cancer patients came to join us.
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"Passing Through Cancer. Finding Love" ** November 11th **
"Passing Through Cancer. Finding Love"  ** November 11th ** World's hundreds of cancer patients and volunteers spinning performance redefine life pledge. November 11th, 2007, 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at NTNU National Taiwan Normal University, gymnasium.

Through cancer patients' vigorous vitality, we redefine our future pledge with their families, light up their life energies and confidence. Remind our society to care about minorities, make the world aware of Taiwan's loving care, and adjust the power of stability.
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~ Love-New Life's Blog ~ "I am the circle"
~ Love-New Life's Blog ~             "I am the circle" This is the place that:
belongs to all fellow brothers and sisters.
you can find what's new in Love New Life Association.
you can express your thoughts, feelings and ideas.
you can share your stories and experiences.
you can get warm responses from partners all over the world.
you can get inspiration from our beloved teachers.
Most importantly,
you can receive constant support and unconditional love.

Please share your thoughts with us by sending your article to Iamthecircle6879@yahoo.com.tw
We will post it to Love New Life's Blog for you.
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The Expression of New Life through Dance
The Expression of New Life through Dance "The Intuitive Dance" last year in Los Angeles, San Francisco, performs, the world daily paper reported: Taiwan "the element person dances extremely" the Los Angeles performance, the expression real emotion and the rebirth is joyful, after the share passes through the death glen, to the life enthusiasm and the love, caused the dance to fill the vitality. "The Element" - does not want any packing.
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Love - Newlife Therapy
Love - Newlife Therapy The New Life Center was created to serve the needs of patients of all types of illnesses, psychological or physical. All are welcome. Ages range from ten to over ninety.....
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Spinning Guinness

20071111 Hundreds of cancer patients spinning performance establishing the Guinness World Records

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